A Planetary Mystery School with Lynn Bell and Caroline Casey

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"Cultivating the Elixir of Dynamic Compassion:
A Planetary Mystery School"
Lynn Bell and Caroline W. Casey

September 6~15, 2007

Lynn Bell and Caroline W. Casey are two brilliant, knowledgeable and gifted astrologers, renowned for being dynamic speakers, inspirational teachers and authors. They share a lifelong passion for the language and work of astrology, a rare fluency in its interpretation and symbols, as well as a dedication to its spiritual and political dimensions. Natural allies, they join forces on the mystical island of Bali co-creating this workshop as a vessel for blending our collective wisdom in these crucial times.

We are extremely fortunate that they did so, as these nine days were an astrological experience of life changing proportions... in a place of unsurpassable beauty. This training was open to all, from neophyte to advanced.

They invited us to consider Astrology as a Mystery School, (disguised as whatever we may have thought it to be), in which each one of the planets represented a quality of intelligence that suffuses creation, and resides in each of us, connecting us to the world. By working with each planetary intelligence, they quickened within us all, and as each day in our seven day calendar was linked to one of the seven visible planets, (including Sun and Moon), Lynn and Caroline framed each day's teachings by honoring its planetary deity.

There was a solar eclipse that year on September 11, bringing its play of light and shadow to the 9/11 anniversary, a powerful opportunity for transforming personal and collective poison. Shocks create cracks in the wall of reality through which phantoms slip into the world. We may have feared them or denied them, but we dedicated this astrological moment to honoring their story and receiving their gifts, freeing the future from the pull of the past.

A mutable grand Cross, formed in the sky, brings a vital shape-shifting energy to this work, as we gathered together in this beautiful island of Bali, a place akin to paradise, vital with spirits who encourage artful play in service to the whole circus of creation.

Lynn Bell worked with Psyche's myth, and the impossible tasks she is given, tasks that have their parallel in our own lives. How do we find a way to move forward, even in the most difficult or 'hopeless' situations? These tasks were described by certain aspects in the birth chart, and like Psyche, we looked to find help in the strangest places, especially with Saturn transiting in Virgo. Our work moved us, with open-eyed compassion, into the wide sweep and power of the Jupiter Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius.

Caroline W. Casey co-guided us in brewing the elixir of dynamic compassion, by inviting each planet to host its own day. Our travel, arrival day was Thursday - Jupiter's Day, who reminded us that not only do we gather to hone our story-telling skills - but that everything is constantly telling us its story, by its shape, design, color, song; and that if we just relate to the world though reverent curiosity, we would be in intimate cahoots with creation once again, and the animals, rocks, plants, galaxies and microbes would say "yea!". So we added Reverent Curiosity to our brew.

We began the work of serious play on Friday, Venus' Day, to honor the Balinese saying, "We have no art, we simply do everything as beautifully as we can." Venus says one of the tasks of the artist within each of us is to paint doors in the wall of the Reality Police, so that fiercely kind replenishing magic can pour forth into the world once again. Venus says, we don't need to source what we seek but to invite it on stage from back-stage. We don't need to have the solution, but to invite the solution, which we do by physical action imbued with dedicated symbolism. We added the art of inviting true power into our brew.

On Saturn’s day, we began the dedicated fun of polishing our uniqueness into iridescent transparency. The quality of Unique Iridescent Transparency was then added to the brew, and so on, so that by the end of our Mystery School, we had a rich spirit cocktail whereby we could cultivate our unique gifts and contribute them to the community in ways that are replenishing.

Pluto, Uranus and Neptune co-hosted all sessions. And, so as to release any known or unknown self-sabotaging martyrdom tendencies, throughout our days together, we invited in those Plutonic mythological potencies who specialize in transforming poison - from toxin to tonic. The Wrathful Dakinis (specialists in the alchemy of transforming poison into elixir) were happy to cavort in Bali, and signed up. They took the poison of anger, and transformed it into the tonic of Wrath - intelligent anger on behalf of creation. They took the poison of seduction, and transformed it into the tonic of magnetism - bring everything alive!

We know that any experimental personal work we do to re-write our story grants us the spiritual muscle-tone to participate in re-writing the culture's story. And it was so…

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